27 may. 2012

Venal Producciones: Nuevos ingresos

Nuevos ingresos importados!!! Solicitar catalogo: venalprods@gmail.com

-FLESH TORTURE “The Stench Of Humanity” (Brutal Death/Grind - Nicaragua)
-DISASTROUS “Severe Suffering” (Brutal Death - Filipinas) 2012
-ECLIPSE “Triumph Of The Pain” (Brutal Death/Grind - Ucrania)
-FERMENTO “Recipe For Cremation” (Death/Grind - España)
-BODYSNATCH “Universe Of Gory Tales” EP (Brutal Death – Suiza)
-EMPHERIS/CRYPTIC RITES Split “Netherworld Emissions” (Death/Black/Thrash - Polonia)
-BEHEADING MACHINE “Stillbirth Civilisation” EP (Death Tecnico - Polonia)
-BASTARD SAINTS “Inhale The Futuristic Filthness” (Brutal Death - Italia)
-HUMAN FILLETED “Packaged Humanmeat” (Brutal Death - USA)
-HARMONY IN GROTESQUE “Painted By Pain” (Death/Doom - Rusia)
-FATAL ERROR “Conglomerate” (Death/Hardcore - Rusia)
-ORIFICE “These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell” (Grindcore - Italia)
-ORTHODOX “Forever Not Yet” (Death Metal - Ucrania)
-PANDEMIC GENOCIDE “Migthy Apocalypse” (Death Metal - Polonia)

Se vienen nuevas ediciones, pronto novedades.

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