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27 may. 2019

Bizarre leprous production

Sent to press and start pre-order / Odesláno do výroby a zahájen předprodej!!!

BLP 0241 – Prolapsed – The condemned
Have you ever imagine mix of oldschool death metal, death/grind and brutal death metal with two sick vocals? PROLAPSED from Czech Republic just finished their second album which will crush you with heavy guitars, fast drums and two really brutal vocals. For fans of Dying Fetus, Lividity, Immolation, Entombed, etc. 
Out in flesh party 2019!!! 6.6. 2019!!!!

Pre-order here/ Předobjednávky Zde: Bizarre Leprous Production

8 abr. 2019

Bizarre leprous production (2019)


BLP 0237 - PURULENT SPERMCANAL - Remains Of Human Body
Czech gastro goregrind gods are back!!! New full album of perverse old school goregrind killers!!! For fans of old Dead Infection, Regurgitate!!!

18 ago. 2018

Oxidised Razor - Mors vehementi (2018)

01 - Macabre methodology for cadaveric preservation
02 - Mors vehementi
03 - Perfusion alcohol formaldehyde through the jugular artery
04 - Flesh for the scalpel
05 - Bleeding peptis ulcer (versión de Regurgitate)
06 - Facial tissue putrefaction reveals a morbid expression
07 - Compulsive addiction due to dissection
08 - Cadaverous frenty
09 - Faecal gore gore attack! (versión de Gore Beyond Necropsy)
10 - Hidrocefalo esofágico
11 - ...With my knife and tweezers…  
12 - Carbowax
13 - Copulation with the abdominal cavity

29 ago. 2017

Grunt (2012)



Boy-Z bajo, samples (2010-presente) / Dementia 13, Holocausto Canibal, The Ominous Circle, Under Fetid Corpses (live), Fetal Incest, Spinning Torso, The Anti-Frog Project, Stuprum Dei, Serrabulho, CRUD

Boy-D batería, voz (2010-presente) / Holocausto Caníbal, Pestifer, Dementia 13, Under Fetid Corpses, Decrepidemic, Fetal Incest, Spinning Torso, The Anti-Fog Project, Sacred Sin, Viingrid

Boy-G guitarra, voz (2010-presente) / Under Fetid Corpses, Corrupted Mutation, Fetal Incest, Holocausto Canibal

Oporto, Portugal
Death metal, Goregrind

Se formó en 2004 bajo el nombre de fetal Inces, lo cambió a Grunt en 2010
Banda activa desde 2010
Letras sobre pornografía, depravación sexual, esclavismo, dominación, masoquismo, sumisión, fetichismo, BDSM

Sello Bizarre Leprous Production, Larvae Productions

Discografía básica 

Scrotal recall (2011) larga duración 
My girlfriend's girlfriend - A tribute to Peter Steele (2011) simple 
Codex bizarre (2015) larga duración

Grunt - Codex bizarre - Reedición de lujo (2016)

Grunt - Codex bizarre (2015)

Grunt - Scrotal recall (2011)