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24 jun. 2019

Grog - Macabre requiems (1996)

01 - Embrace my cold body 03:43
02 - Tribal flesh ceremony 05:27
03 - Dawn of the living dead 04:37
04 - Monstrous anatomic deformation 02:44
05 - Splashterized autopsy 02:09
06 - Excreted and vomited abortions 03:06
07 - Spontaneous gore 04:25
08 - Cannibal feast 02:54
09 - Rotten grave 04:03
10 - Sado-masoquist butchery 02:52
11 - Cannibalistic devourement 00:35
12 - Blood in my face 00:54
13 - Drowned in the pleasure of tortured flesh 03:57


11 abr. 2019

Xxxapada na tromba (2019)

We are just less of three months away from the next edition of the festival, as such we present to you, our final poster! It's been one hell of an adventure since we first started Xxxapada in 2015, and we have learned a lot on the way, and met so many wonderful people that have helped us a lot!
So, we would like to give a special thanks to all our friends out there, media partners and festivals that in some way or another always been by our side!

So, here it is (and we hope we haven't forgotten anyone) - RCA Club, Vomit Your Shirt, Miasma Records, Mosher Clothing, Cave Rock Bar, Stage Brothers, Baka D&P, Rotten Roll Rex, Ultraje, Stone the Crow - Productions, SFTD Radio, The Black Planet zine, NeKronos Promotion HELL, Metal Imperium Magazine Online, Romao Creative, Music Hall Lisbon Hostel, Hell Xis Agency, Sublime Torture Fest, SWR Barroselas Metalfest, Butchery At Christmas Time, Rockpit Studios, Bunker Store and Clockwork Store.
Next edition will be a turning point for us, starting with the fact - and judging by the tickets sales so far - that will be the first time ever in the history of our festival that we will have more foreign friends than portuguese ones attending!

Our line up has gotten a small change, Fleshless had to cancel their appearance due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of both the festival and the band. However, we decided not to replace them. So our final line-up will be: GUT, Brodequin, Prostitute Disfigurement, Cripple Bastards, Devangelic, Inhume, Epicardiectomy, Grog, Analepsy, Serrabulho, Meat Spreader, Crepitation, Tu Carne, UXDXS, Dehydrated, Hymenotomy, Rato Raro GrindCore, Undersave, Satan's Revenge On Mankind, Annihilation, Pornthegore 3.0, Moñigo.

We still have some available tickets online at ! After they sold out you will still be able to get them at the door on the day of the event, and at Bunker Store (Porto) or at Clockwork Store (Lisbon).

So join us and let's make 2019's edition an unforgettable one!

Xxxapada na tromba festival (2020)

Xxxapada 2020 - Line up announcement

You asked for a new edition of the festival, so here we are! It’s our immense pleasure to bring to you the following bands for the 2020 edition! We ask you, our dear friends, to please welcome Malevolent Creation, Unfathomable Ruination, Spasm, Holocausto Canibal, Rectal Smegma, Cytotoxin, Nashgul, Serrabulho, Acranius, ANALEPSY, Raw Decimating Brutality, Kadaverficker, Twitch Of The Death Nerve, PaRtY-CaNnOn, Bleeding Display, Byonoisegenerator, MDMA BDM, Disturbance Project, Diaroe and Cronaxia.

As of today, we will start to accept pre-reservations for the two-day tickets for next year. The first 50 will be available in a special early bird promotion of just 40 euro! After that, the ticket price for the pre-sale will be of 45€ until January! For more information regarding the tickets, send us an email to:

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and have helped us to get further and further with our small festival, you are the reason we are still here! Soon we shall have a few more special surprises for you all!

With lots of love, your very own Xxxapada crew <3 p="">

Artwork by Pedro Sena - Lordigan and poster by Logotomy Designs

28 jun. 2018

Hoth - Rites of the black goddess (2001)

01 - Introduction II
02 - Impious Congregation
03 - Nocturnal Offering
04 - Hellish Revelations
05 - Celebration of Isis
06 - Nail the Nazarene
07 - Pagan Melodies
08 - The Dragon Lords
09 - Noitcudortni II

14 oct. 2017

Simbiose - Quando o crust era sujo e agressivo (2005)

01 - Zoo (Não) Lógico
02 - Wise up
03 - Unconsciousness is perfection
04 - Torturado pela tradição
05 - Tear soul apart
06 - Smog as a predator
07 - Same skulls same race
08 - Que motivos para celebrar
09 - Portugal em chamas
10 - Parem com a violência
11 - Naked mental violence
12 - Lugar no céu
13 - Life's an irony
14 - Lavagem cerebral
15 - It's not your business
16 - Fake world
17 - Excrementos de ódio
18 - Escada da vida
19 - Em nome da ordem e da lei
20 - Don't fool yourself
21 - Control of a reaction
22 - Contraste
23 - Against the white men race
24 - Agent orange (versión de Sodom)