12 jul. 2010

Heulend Horn - From the Caucasus to Gotland (2005)

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1. Leaving the Horn of Miklagard.mp3
2. The Knorr Crosses the Black Sea.mp3
3. Towards the Dnieper's Mouth.mp3
4. Kiev has Fallen.mp3
5. Nordic Ghost.mp3
6. The Death of Ormr.mp3
7. On the Black Sea of Gotland.mp3
8. Eykr's Lament.mp3
9. The Words of Odhinn.mp3

Banda: Heulend Horn
Album: From the Caucasus to Gotland
Año: 2005
Genero: Epic / Viking / Black Metal
País: Argentina
Formato: mp3
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Tamaño: 63.92 MB
Ripper/Uploader: Gusano666

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