19 ene. 2011

The True Mierdum - Destruye a tu Abuela por Satán (2006) Demo

Demo 0

01-Satanic sreams from the forest of Unholy Forces and The Noise Of Impaled Christians
02-Destruye A Tu Abuela Por Satan
03-Si Tu Padre Es Gay, Sacrificalo A Satan
04-Un Hippie Asesine En El Pantano 05-Sodomizing Pajarola Without Condon 'cause I'm Immortal
06-The Day That Occulta Cross The Woods With Thousand Black Hordes, Looking For The Throne Of Nyarlathotep
07-The haunting chants of Bleh and The Pagan Immolation of The Ancient Vikings
08-Muerte Al Travestido
09-Oloroso Apocalipsis

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