1 mar. 2019

My own mind (2019)

Coming soon!

My own mind #2 featuring Dickies Tale, Dirty Divider, Haramjadah, Keledexx, Mahmud Attack, Ø Mother, O.S.A, Overhäul, Pruinosus, Romi & The Jahats (Indonesia), Savaged Seas (Brunei), Singular, Unsub (Singapore), Wärfear, and Youth PORTAL.  All bands are from Malaysia unless mentioned.
My own mind #3 [The international special! issue] featuring Besthöven (Brazil), Changoz! (Paraguay), Chikara (Bosnia/Sweden), Contusiön (Colombia), Cum Sock (Canada), Disbrigade (Ecuador), Lowfat (Thailand), Mortify (Japan), Neck Deep in Filth (Nepal), Noise Machine (Brazil), Radigals (Singapore), Short Thrash (Brazil), Suffer The Pain (Sweden), The Tracy Lords (Hong Kong), Tiger Pussy (Philippines), and Total Riot (Indonesia).
*Both issues will be released & distributed under Bangkit! publishing support division.

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