28 jul. 2019

Chicago domination fest 666 (2019)

Aug 8 de ago 17:00 – aug 10 23:59 CDT

Chicago Domination Fest

Wire bar, live music

6815 Roosevelt Road, Berwyn (Illinois) 60402


Eternal Eclipse Productions in association with Metal Monkey Brewing, Cruelty Cabinets, Blakhart Guitars and Trick Drums USA Presents:

Chicago DOMINATION fest 666

:::Thursday august 8th 2019:::
1. Reviled (Texas)
2. Defiled crypt (Texas)
3. Meathook (Arizona)
4. Vomit Forth (Connecticut)
5. Lividity (Illinois)
6. Unmerciful (Kansas)
7. Pathology (California)
8. Narcotic Wasteland (North Carolina)

:::Friday august 9th 2019:::
1. Maggot Factory (Illinois)
2. Hate Icon (Ohio)
3. Gorgatron (North Dakota)
4. Virulent Excision (Illinois)
5. Depulsed (Nevada)
6. Shawn Whitaker (Texas)
7. Molested Divinity (Turkey)
8. Indecent Excision (Italy)
9. Malignancy (New York)
10. Cerebral Effusion (Spain)
11. Despondency (Germany)
12. Decrepit Birth (California)

:::Saturday august 10TH 2019:::
1. Necrosadist (Kentucky)
2. Implements of Hell (Nevada)
3. Atoll (Arizona)
4. Limbsplitter (Ohio)
5. Torn The Fuck Apart (Kansas)
6. Holy Cost (Canada)
7. Dysentery (Massachusetts
8. Embludgeonment (New Jersey)
9. Mortal Torment (Greece)
10. Cephalotripsy (California)
11. Internal Bleeding (New York)
12. Devourment (Texas)

Vendors: Unmatched brutality records

This event is open to ages 18 and over/  21+ with valid ID to drink.

:::Hotel info::: The official CDF 6 Hotel is once again
Best western plus hillside
4400 Frontage Rd. Hillside, IL 60162
We have secured an $85 per night room rate they will begin taking bookings February of 2019 more info will be made available soon.

This event is open to ages 18 and over/ 21+ with valid ID to drink.

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