22 nov. 2017

Human Atrocity - Horrid events of malicious barbarities (2017)

01. Tearing her precious face with a deep feeling of hatred
02. Aggressively crushing the skull into cold cement
03. A clear motivation to erase everything that breathes
04. Disarray of human corruption
05. Brutally torturing the body with badges of fury
06. A lucid expression of hate
07. Dismembered by a train
08. Defleshed by flies (versión de ldohr)
09. Sewing up the abdominal rupture for the successive acts of degradation (ldoh cover)
10. Massive weapons against the shit of mankind
11. Ripping apart her genitals (invitado Alex Mamontov)
12. Clinical hydropsies (invitado Skvm)
13. The end of horrid barbarities
14. Decimation of mortal lineage
15. Fecalized facial turbulence
16. Gently dismembering desolated artifacts

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